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Howto use the software

When you have installed the webapplication on the website as a Virtual Directory Web Application lets say as /ImageServer you can call /ImageServer/GetImage.ashx with the following parameters

  • imagename
  • altimagename
  • w
  • h

Like this: /ImageServer/GetImage.ashx?imagename=my-product-image.jpg&altimagename=photo-coming-up.jpg&w=180

Parameter "imagename" explained

The imagename can be a filename like "photo.jpg" or with a virtual path to the image like /Files/Images/Products/product-1002797.jpg

Parameter "altimagename" explained

Exactly like parameter "imagename" but it will only be displayed if the file provided as "imagename" doesn't exist.

Parameter "w" explained

w is short for width and accepts a positive integer/number

Parameter "h" explained

h is short for height and accepts a positive integer/number

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